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Masai Mara is calling!

Is this the right time?

I have not been on photographic safari to Kenya since 2005 as places like Masai Mara became too crowded for any serious wildlife photography. Now, after my very successful trip to the Serengeti in Tanzania in June/July, I’ll be leading a small group to the Mara, hopefully in time before the crowds are back

We’ll visit also some private concessions like Ol Pejeta and Laikipia less visited than the national parks. Finally, we’ll have extended walks in the very special Kakamega Forest, looking for the Great Blue Turaco and the Blue-headed Bee-eater. This will be from 9th to 24th of November 2021.

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Next birding safari: Uganda 

A paradise for birders

My next regular birding safari will be to Uganda from February 22nd to March 9th, 2022 (The situation around Corona pandemic permitting). This is a trip focusing on the unique birdlife of this wonderful country, but also on the primates living in the forests. Hoping to be able to publish some great new pictures of shoebill, turacos, mountain gorillas and chimpanzees on this website. For more details on Uganda safaris please visit my travel website Turaco Nature Travel.