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NOVEMBER 2024: Serengeti is calling!

The right time is now!

Like almost every year since 1995, I’ll be leading a small group of photo enthusiastic people to the Serengeti and other spectacular places in Northern Tanzania. This 14 days safari will be in November 2024, the exact dates will be fixed according to the wishes of the participants.


The itinerary is perfectly adapted to the needs of nature photographers and will include several workshop sessions. The number of participants will be from 2 to 5 maximum. For more details please read PDF (in German) or  contact me via mail using the button below.

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Next birding safari: Uganda 

A paradise for birders

My next regular birding safari will be to Uganda in February 2025. This is a trip focusing on the unique birdlife of this wonderful country, but also on the primates living in the forests., the chimpanzee and mountain gorillas.


Hoping to be able to publish some great new pictures of shoebill, turacos, mountain gorillas and chimpanzees on this website. For more details on Uganda safaris please visit my travel website Turaco Nature Travel.

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