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Born in 1955, I have been an enthusiastic wildlife photographer for all my life.


I have travelled repeatedly to a large number of wildlife sanctuaries all over the world. However, most of my photographic expeditions were dedicated to the countries of the African continent. Many of those journeys took me to Tanzania, a country where in the meantime I am also engaged in long term development and conservation projects.


My works are published by agencies in the German and French markets, with a focus on wild animals and landscapes. In the last few years I have specialized in bird photography. My most recent book “Birds of Africa” is about to be published.


Nowadays I spend my time either in my home country Luxembourg or in Tanzania, working as travel guide for a number of tour operators, or traveling independently as wildlife photographer. Over the years I have also been offering my services as “safari designer” and tour guide of safaris under the name of Turaco Nature Travel. Please use the link below to reach the Turaco Nature Travel website.


                       Claude Melde

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